3 New found symptoms of Covid-19

All over the internet and tabloids we have heard of the usual signs and symptoms of the coronaviris. Symptoms like cough, shortness of breath and fever are very common in the presentation of Covid 19. But there are other symptoms which doctors and scientists have found to be less common and rather unusual in people diagnosed with the virus.

Three unusual symptoms of Covid-19 include:

1. Loss of Smell (anosmia)

2. Loss of Taste (ageusia)

3. Conjunctivitis (also know as pink/red eyes)

These symptoms can be the only suspicion of Covid 19 and usually may be present in many persons who are otherwise asymptomatic. For these reasons the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has listed them, more specifically loss of taste and smell, as symptoms of Covid 19.

Moreover, scientists from china have found that the new coronavirus (Covid19) can also lead to "pink/red eye" or conjunctivitis (an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the white part of the eyeball) This new information suggest then the virus may likely be able to be spread by tears from an infected person. Hence, eye protective gear is also important in the prevention against Covid-19.

Though these new found symptoms may be present in the minority of persons diagnosed with the coronavirus, it is still very important to alert your doctor about them, as soon as possible.



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