Barbados records 2 Cases of Covid 19

Barbados has recorded its first two cases of the Corona Virus. In a visual press release, this morning by Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Col Jeffrey Bostic, the two confirmed cases were imported from the United States.

In the 6 min COVID-19 video update via the Government Information Service Bostic said;

"Today I am advising the public that Barbados has recorded it's first two cases of covered 19 the patients are a 48 year old visitor who arrived in Barbados on March 13th from the United States and a 39 year old female a Barbadian who recently returned to Barbados from the United States, both patients were experiencing symptoms of a viral infection and were refered to the team at the Ministry of Health and Wellness for further evaluation. The Best Dos Santos public health laboratory informed us early this morning that samples taken for these patients were positive for both patients are being managed for covered 19 and have been placed in isolation where they will remain until they recover."

The Minister also revealed they were 14 other persons were tested yesterday and all the others tested negative for Covid-19.

The ministry of health and wellness has initiated the process of contact tracing to identify every individual with who came into Close contact with these patients. These person's will all be placed in quarantine for 14 days. Our priority now as a ministry is to ensure that covid 19 is contained and to do all in our power to prevent in Country transmission. We are now at stage one of our national Covid 19 preparedness plan.

The primary Focus is containment to prevent community spread. We have decided on the following measures which will be implemented with immediate effect, all public gatherings such as sporting and cultural events or any event that attract crowds will be restricted to one hundred persons (100), visits by members of the public to all public and private geriatric institutions are suspended until further notice, visit's to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are restricted to protect elderly patients as well as those suffering with non-communicable diseases.



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