Barbados records 3 more Covid19 cases

Barbados has recorded three more cases of the covid19 virus. During a press conference at Illaro Court just after 2pm earlier today Prime Minister Mia Mottley made the announcement to the media.

I just completed this morning briefing from the minister of health and the chief medical officer and the rest of his team, and I regret to have to advise Barbadians that they have been further developments with respect to the virus and the test results. As of midday today there are three new cases that have been confirmed two (2) for Barbados and one (1) which we facilitated for a cruise line.
The first case today, was the spouse of the visiting female who was one of the first 2 people to be tested and found positive two days ago. The gentleman I am told never left her side and was in isolation with her even when she went into isolation as soon as the testing was done....
The second case was that of a 60-year old Barbadian who arrived on the weekend I'm told from New York and who developed symptoms soon after arriving in Barbados. We had been monitoring him for few days and he also has tested positive.
The third individual was a request from the cruise lines. One who has never lived in Barbados andinfact has never been to Barbados I am told that he was in isolation from the time he started to feel bad and the cruise line asked if we could facilitate the testing of him in order that they may take the appropriate precautions.

The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to reaffirm the public of her government's commitment to be transparent with the flow of information.

In all three instances we have acted in a manner as I've told you that we will continue to speak to the Barbadian public and to share the information as we receive it.

Up to the release of the second set of cases, authorities are still tracing the contacts of the first two cases.



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