Black Lives Matter Protest ended abruptly

The protest against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, outside the United States Embassy in Barbados yesterday ended abruptly, when police revoked the organizers permit.

According to Police the the protest was in breach of conditions stipulated in the permit.

Senior superintendent Antonio Forte in a press briefing outlined that the conditions of the permit that were to be observed as follows;

  1. Persons taking part in the march should avoid any unecessary obstruction of the highway and shall at once comply with the lawful direction of any Policeman in uniform.

  2. Permission has been granted only for the approved route in the event that there is a deviation the march will be terminated.

  3. Placards or banners relevant to the purpose of the march meybe carried but should not be larger than 6ft square.

  4. The march should comprise no more than 10 persons who should walk no more than two abreast.

  5. Strict physical distancing must be observed by all persons taking part in the march.

  6. All persons taking part in the march must wear mask.

  7. The sanitizing of placards and other materials devices and loudspeakers will be mandatory.

Forte explained that during preparations for the march the number of participants assembled exceeded the number specified in the permit, it therefore was a breach of the permit and a decision was made by the commissioner of Police to revoke the Permit.

The Black Lives Matter protest, which started in the US after George Floyd, a black man, died on May 25 when a white police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes as he was face down handcuffed on the street, was intended show solidarity in support of the global movement to end racism.



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