Five Myths about COVID-19

The pandemic COVID-19 has impacted the world tremendously with hundreds upon hundreds infected with some unfortunately resulting severe complications including death. There have been alot of truths about the coronavirus and some great misinformed information about it as well.

Let us look at some of the popular myths about covid-19.

Myth #1: COVID-19 virus cannot be transmitted in areas with hot or humid climates.

The coronovirus/COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas regardless of the climate. This includes areas with hot and humid weather or cold weather. Walking in the heated sun also does not prevent nor cure COVID-19.

Myth #2: COVID-19 is nothing new

There are hundreds of coronaviruses, most of which circulate among animals. Yes, Human coronaviruses were first discovered years ago in 1960. However COVID-19 is. New strain of the coronavirus caused by Severe Acute Respiratory better known as SARS. This strain was identified in Wuhan China in 2019 hence the name COVID-19.

Myth #3: COVID-19 can be cured by drinking bleach

Though bleach and Lysol are popular cleaning products and are known for eliminating viruses etc on surfaces this is not the case for the body. In fact consuming these products is very dangerous and can even be LETHAL or cause serious harm. Drinking bleach or spraying Lysol on the face or tongue or throat do not prevent or cure COVID-19 or any viral/bacterial infection for that matter and should not be done.

Myth #4: COVID-19 is similar to dengue and can be transmitted through mosquitoes

COVID-19 and dengue are two totally different illnesses. There is no scientific evidence that COVID-19 is spread through mosquitoes. It is known to spread from person to person through close contact, respiratory droplets from an infected person via sneezing or coughing or even through saliva (These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs), or on contaminated surfaces/objects.

Myth #4: COVID-19 do not infect children only the elderly

Children can contract COVID-19. In fact there have been cases of babies and children who contracted the virus and recovered. Therefore, preventative measures eg. washing hands, covering the mouth when sneezing and coughing, using hand sanitizer, practicing social distancing etc, should not only be enforced in adults but in children as well. The elderly are more susceptible because of the weak nature of their immune system and the likelyhood of already having illnesses such as diabetes etc which can further compromise the immune system.

It is important that familiarize ourselves first about the facts of COVID-19 and be sensitive about misinformation.



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