Flash Flood Watch issued

A Flash flood watch is in effect for Barbados from 12:00 pm 29th August 2020 and will be updated at 6:00 pm 29th August 2020 or sooner if conditions warrant.

A Flash-Flood Watch is issued when heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time (generally less than 6 hours) could result in flooding within the Watch area. It does not mean that flooding will occur, but that it is possible.

Rainfall accumulations of 25mm (1 inch) have already occured and further rainfall accumulations of up to 40.0 mm in moderate to heavy showers are expected across the island this afternoon.

What should you expect?

Residents and visitors should be aware of the following possibilities:

- Significant run off from higher elevations.

- Large water settlements on roads and fields.

- Delays on traffic routes with some roads becoming impassable.

- Large objects or debris from higher elevations may also become embedded within fast moving water flows.

- Significant flooding at the foot of hillsides and coastal roads is possible.

What you should do?

Residents in flood prone areas especially, should periodically monitor official sources for updates from the Barbados Meteorological Services over the next few hours.

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