Gas-station explosion mandeville Jamaica

(Jamaica) Dramatic scenes unfolded in Mandeville, Manchester, yesterday evening as the long-standing Heaven’s FESCO petrol station there went up in flames, causing injuries to at least seven people and sending passers-by scampering for cover.

Four persons have been hospitalised with third-degree burns and three others are now nursing minor injuries, while 12 vehicles were destroyed, authorities said last night, even as investigations were ongoing. Approximately 5:40 p.m. yesterday, the service station, which is located at the intersection of Perth Road, Manchester Road and Caledonia Road, was engulfed in flames, emitting a heavy blanket of smoke across sections of the town and causing chaos among customers and commuters. As several explosions were heard, screaming and high-voltage noise pierced the air, sending even people occupying nearby buildings into panic. Officials, up to press time, were yet to identify the cause of the massive fire, but Emeleo Ebanks, public relations officer at the Jamaica Fire Brigade, confirmed with The Gleaner last night that several units responded and managed to extinguish the blaze.

Superintendent of Police Gary Francis said that the fire was brought under control by three units from the Manchester Fire Department. (Jamaica Gleaner)



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