Justice for Demarco 12,000+ sign petition

Barbadians have responded in the numbers by the signing of a petition via demanding justice for 10 year old Demarco Gibbs.

Gibbs is reported to have been struck in the head with a piece of wood by four playmates and was subsequently hospitalised on two seperate occasions since the incident.

His mother cry for justice for her son which was reported in serveral sections of the media drew the irie of many Barbadians which led to the commence of the petition.

Organiser of the Petition blogger Stephanie Chase of Chase Files said in a post to the petition site, "This morning I am sad to report that 10 year old Demarco Gibbs is now brain dead. He was beaten by four boys and struck in the back of the head, suffering brain damage from the incident.There is nothing more the medical team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital can do for him and they have done their utmost best. His mother Tricia Gibbs is totally distraught."



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