Multi-tiered reopening process from Monday

Following a meeting with the unions. Attorney General Dale Marshall revealed a multi-tiered process for the resumption of additional business from Monday 1st of June 2020.

During a Press Conference chaired by Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Marshall announced that Government has taken a decision to further ease restrictions of the lock-down imposed to combat COVID-19 after lengthy consultation with the health department and other agencies.

From Monday, June 1st the following changes would take effect:

  • Curfew Hours Mondays - Thursdays will be from 10 pm in the night until 5 am the following morning

  • Curfew Hours Fridays - Sundays will be from 8 pm in the night until 5 am the following morning.

The minister explained this alternate approach to the curfew was designed to suppress the natural exuberance of Barbadians for the normal weekend festivities.

  • All retail outlets will be allowed to open but are subject to strict compliance with the various protocols that are established. Inclusive of temperature screening.

  • The following service sectors will also be allowed to operate from Monday June 1st: Photo Studios, Real Estate Agents, Car Rentals, Animal Grooming, Transport of Goods, Car Vallet, Cleaning and Recycling.

  • Churches and other faith-based organisations will be allowed to conduct in sanctuary services on the basis that they can allocate each person in the sanctuary 40 square feet per person

  • Restaurants will be allowed to now to open for dining-in with social distancing additional protocols to be further established.

The minister also announced that from Tuesday, June 2nd beaches opening hours will be extended and beaches will now be allowed to open from 5 am in the morning until 6:30 pm in the evening. All of the same physical distancing protocols will obtain and no groups of more than 3 unless you are family.

All public parks in Barbados will also now be allowed to open during their regular hours.

The A-Z shopping system will also be discontinued from Monday 1st June.



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