Mum and son buried together

Family, friends and well wishers turned up in their numbers to bid one last farewell to Nioca Howard and her son Nico Roach who drowned last December 15th at Welches Beach Christ Church. The funeral service which took place yesterday Jan 14th at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens to honor the life of the 27-year-old mother and her five-year-old son was well attended. Despite the occassion the service was far from ordinary or depressing, loud sounds of praise, drumming, blowing of counch shells and ringing of bells filled the air as the spirtual Baptist Church kept the service alive. Many tributes in word and song were given before and during the service by friends and family of the deceased. The eulogy for Nico was given by his Godfather Everson Browne who described his godson as "a huge ball of energy filled of laughter and happiness". Browne recollected on some the moments he spent with Nico and his family during his short but as he described impactful life. Whilst the eulogy for Nioca was given by radio personallity Admiral Nelson. Nelson remembered Nioca as and abrupt honest and loving person who would never held a grudge and always told you what was on her mind, he further added that she understood broadcasting and was a perfect fit for the Brodcasting corportion canteen.



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