No confirmed cases of covid-19

During a nationally televised interview on Wednesday night March 16th at Illaro Court Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley assured the public that her government is being transparent in the results of persons tested for the coronavirus and dismissed any false accusation that her government was covering the truth of the results.

Mottley told the reporter;

"I am telling you that nobody in Barbados has to doubt when there is a case because I tell my Minister's I tell everyone around me that the only way I know how to.. represent people is by speaking the truth."

"I take comfort at this moment in time that Winston Churchill talked England through a war, he gave them good news and he gave them bad news, people are far more resilient than we think, and thus far I have seen an approach on the part of Barbadians, the majority, that is willing to listen that for the most part they're willing to take instructions and I have every confidence that whatever news we bring to the people of Barbados we will fight this together, so I say all of that to tell you that it is absolute nonsense for anyone to suggest that the government of Barbados has not shared the information and the true information on the results of the test."

Up to the release of this article Barbados had no confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation on Wednesday, March 11th 2020 declared the virus a global pandemic.



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