Owning a Swift could be a nightmare

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Suzuki Swifts or simply put in bajan "swift" for short, is an affordable vehicle, compact, stylish and economical for the most part.

But owning a swift in Barbados could be a nightmare or curse and not because of any manufacturing default or any typical car-related issues.

Swift owners/drivers have become an internet troll amongst Barbadians. Why? Swift owners/drivers are being blamed for most road collisions and obstructions. Whilst with no statistical backing or research the memes have just been flooding timelines via Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.


What we at News Bites have observed but are yet to run the numbers, Swifts might be one of the best selling cars on the island. As to where the troll began we are yet to find that out.

The real issue of road collisions might more be found in driver error more so than the type of car is driven. In light-hearted moments Barbadian should take a closer look at how they drive on the road as road collisions are not a joke, as they can lead to serious injury or even death.



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