SSA worker counting blessings after collision

A Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) worker narrowly escapes death after a near miss with a car which collided to the back of one of the newly retrofitted compactors at Paynes Bay, St James.

Ryan Alleyne and ‘Horseman’ told Starcom Network today. It was the Lord that told him to look over his shoulder, when he saw the car approaching, he then shouted and told his co worker Horseman to move out of the way.

"All I could tell you is that I did dumping a can and de fellow tell me ‘move’. When I look back, I see de car on pun de back uh de truck; dat is all. I ain’t know what went down; I ain’t see what went down. All I see is de car on pun de back uh de truck. Thank God to be alive, first day of the year to besides!” said Horseman. An eyewitness, who gave his name as ‘Marvellous’, said when he saw the trajectory of the car, he realised it could not stop in time. A picture of the car pinned onto the back of the compactor quickly made its way via social media. A representative of the SSA told the media they were awaiting the official accident report, but the crew had not reported any injuries and the vehicle was not extensively damaged. At this point, only the steps at the back seem to need welding. The occupant(s) of the car did not appear to be injured.



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