Tis’ the season to be NCD free

There is a lot of talk lately about non communicable diseases (NCDs) as nations across the world continue To spread awareness with the hope to reduce the amount of persons affected by these diseases. Already there are millions across the world diagnosed with these type of diseases and the numbers are rising everyday.

Non communicable diseases are major illnesses which are non infectious and cannot be transferred from one person to another. NCDs usually take a chronic long term course and does not simply resolve spontaneously. These include Diabetes, hypertension, cancers, Alzheimer’s, and illnesses of the muscles, bones and joints such as arthritis, to name a few. With a large percentage of deaths every year, it is the mission of organizations world wide to emphasize ways to prevent NCDs.

How do we accomplish that? By simply avoiding those risk factors which we can modify.

Major risk factors for noncommunicable diseases includes physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, harmful use of alcohol and smoking/tobacco use. We may not be able to change factors such as our sex, or ethnicity, or age but we can change others by adjusting our lifestyle. What a better time to start than this Christmas season, especially with your diet.

Key pointers this Holiday Season to remember:

1. Cook healthier meals with less salt or salty dry seasons.

2. Cut out fast foods and deeply fried/fatty foods. Prepare your own meals at home. By doing this you are aware of it‘s contents and the amount of salt, sugar, oil etc.

3. Limit starches and carbohydrates (especially rice, pasta, bread, sweets, snacks) to small portions or substitute with vegetables and fruits.

4. Drink More water and less artificial juices, drinks, sodas, energy drinks etc.

5. Exercise more. Not everyone can afford the gym or a trainer. So, do it at home. Commit to at least 30 mins a day of cardio, whether it is walking, running or skippinG; Just keep moving!

6. Encourage your children to eat healthy and exercise. Childhood obesity is becoming a problem in society, placing the children at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

7. Visit your doctor for a check up with blood pressure and blood sugar checks and cholesterol levels.

8. Remember gravy is not a beverage. Enjoy a well cooked meal with less added fats and oils which can put you at risk high Cholesterol and subsequent heart disease.

9. Smoking can put you at risk of developing lung cancer As to alcohol which can damage your liver and kidneys. Talk to your doctor about conselling on how to stop these substances.

10. For those who have already been diagnosed with a non communicable disease, remember To always take your medications as well as vitamins and follow the necessary dietary recommendations.

Join the fight against NCDs.

Be NCD Free 🙃



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