Today is World Cancer Day

February 4th is recognized as World Cancer Day.

Here are 10 ways you can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

1. Stop tobacco use and do not smoke in your home or in public areas. Smoking and tobacco use has been proven to be the cause of many cancers but specifically lung cancer and 2nd hand smoke kills.

2. Eat more healthy foods. Avoid processed foods and even red meats.

3. BREASTFEED! BREASTFEED! BREASTFEED! Breasfeeding your infant helps to reduce the risk of alot of cancers including ovarian and breast cancer.

4. Avoid harsh hours in the sun or too much sun and use sun block for protection. Hash rays and uv light from the sun can cause skin cancer.

5. Get vaccinated and vaccinate your children against HPV and Hepatitis B. This reduces the risk cervical cancer and liver cancer.

6. Limit the use of alcohol. It’s use has been linked to many cancers but more specifically cancer of the liver.

7. Be physically active and have a healthy weight. Obesity predisposes you to many diseases including cancer.

8. Protect yourself against air pollution and radiation.

9. Practice safe sex. STIs for eg HPV can cause cancers such as cervical and cancer of the penis.

10. Visit your doctor regularly And be screened for cancer with things such as Pap smears, prostate examinations, blood tests and breast examinations. Remember early detection is better than cure.



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