TTI Director $128,000 Surprise

Managing Director of Trans Tech has denied any implication of delusive transactions with the Government own Transport Board.

This after the latest Auditor General’s report flagged over 128,000 dollars in double billings to the Transport Board.

Managing Director of the company Lloyd Brathwaite said he was “taken by surprise” when he was shown invoices that revealed his company had been paid close to $130 000 twice by the Transport Board for the same job.

He accompanied by his lawyer appeared before the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament on Monday.

The eight invoices totalled $257, 149.08 which was $128 574.54 more than was due, according to the report the only differences were the invoice numbers submitted by the supplier.

Mr. Brathwaite said his company has already taken steps to resolve the financial irregularity which, he stated, he only became aware of a few months ago.



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