What does your urine say about you?

We urinate often throughout the day but how many of us really pay close attention to the color of the urine. There are many things, good and bad, that we can tell about our bodies based in the color of our urine. The normal urine color ranges from light yellow to golden yellow and usually fluctuates based on hydration/fluid intake. However, a spectrum of discoloration can occur and this can be influenced by use of medication, the food we eat, and even may indicate the presence of infection or disease.

Clear Urine

Many people believe that once the urine takes on a pure, clear appearance, similar to that of clean water, that this proves good health. Clear appearance to urine could mean that you are consuming too much of water, and becoming overly hydrated. Remember, everything in moderation and that includes water!

White urine

A snowy appearance to urine is commonly due to the deposit of mineral crystals especially calcium and can be caused by infection, kidney problems, or even a sexually transmitted infection.

Dark Yellow urine

Most commonly caused by inadequate intake of fluids and is an obvious sign of dehydration. Dark urine can also be a sign of disease of the liver or bile duct and can signify obstruction.

Red urine

Red urine can be cause by the foods we eat. For example, a diet filled with beets can result in red urine. However, red urine can signify blood in the urine itself and can be a sign of kidney disease or kidney stones. Some medications can also cause red discoloration to urine.

Orange Urine

Like red urine, orange urine can be caused by the things we eat. Howevver it can also be a sign of dehydration or liver disease. There are some medications that

can cause an orange appearance to the urine as well. For example Rifampin, an antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis.

Brown urine

This can be caused also by the things that causes red urine. Some urine can take on a muddy brown appearance which can signify kidney disease. Medications such as Flagyl and even some laxatives, can also the cause brown urine

Black urine

Causes of red and brown urine can also the cause of black urine. Laxatives, and certain medications can be the culprit as well. Poisoning with substances such as copper and ingestion of iodine, can also cause black urine. Less commonly, black urine can be associated with cancer Of the skin (known as melanoma)

If your urine has a different color than that of the normal appearance, speak with your doctor about what could be the cause.

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