Woman in the nude at Accra Beach admitted to Psychiatric

A 39-year-old Barbadian woman with a mental history created a commotion at Accra Beach, Christ Church when she traversed the popular beach in the nude.

Police responded to the incident. The female was subsequently led away by Police, and is now a patient of the Psychiatric Hospital, lawmen said.

Police spokesman Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss said constables responded to the scene after receiving a call from a National Conservation Commission beach ranger.

Inniss said: “Police responded, spoke to the young lady, to understand what was happening.

“She came willingly to the Police Station, she was then taken from the station to the Psychiatric Hospital where she was admitted.”

Reports reaching News Bites are that sometime after midday, the woman stripped off all her clothes, prompting numerous but futile attempts from both rangers and members of the public to urge the woman to put her clothes back on.

Rangers then called in officers from Worthing Police Station.

In a video being circulated on social media, the woman could be seen walking around in the nude in a defiant manner.



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